And off center hits are as good as sweet spot hits with my FT-I. They reported back great distance, phenomenal control, and no slicing. They really liked the face at impact but just struggled to keep it straight. Please try again later! However, now I’m glad I did!

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He hits very well but this club was launching balls into the atmosphere. But feview if you hit it fairly straight it really does go straight and you’re more likely to get manageable a pull or push than a big hook or slice. I felt I had lost confidence in the club.

I still feel that the original grip was the worst grip ever put onto a golf club, but my opinion regarding the rest of the driver has changed, I originally stated that this driver won’t cure a slice or a hook.

Callaway FT IQ Review

So far,so good, I love reviee. Holiday Cheer Contest Day 3: I haven’t regretted it since. Good read with this one. I did read a post after the DYMO review asking you for a comparison. Jim Miller February 16, – The other two struggle with losing it to the left.

Today’s Golfer

I’ve been told by several people that the problem, for once, is the club and not me. Some of you might be thinking erview blaming the club rather than his swing”, but I assure you that having seen my pro several times recently there is nothing wrong with my game – revies fact I’m hitting all my other clubs sweetly.


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They reported back great distance, phenomenal control, and no slicing. IQ a vey forgiving driver, one of the straightest gt-iq there.

But over the course of time of writing these equipment reviews, I have learned not to trust a picture and wait until the real thing is in my hands. I am an 18 handicapper and I find myself outdriving much lower handicap players with shots consistently down the middle.

Just put a nice tempo swing on it and this club works really well.

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. Have only had the club for 18holes and so far very pleased with it. Sell Your Golf Clubs.

Callaway FT IQ Review – The Hackers Paradise

Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated. Its not a magic wand that makes everything go straight. Secondly despite this club being reasonably old well over 5y the face looked brand new and the rest calladay it was in very good condition Advertise with us Privacy Terms.


Square can go far with the right set-up. I hope it goes on to a happy home and to someone who can use its full potential. Ratings out of 5: The first day we took six people out to the range for some testing to see what their thoughts were. BradG February 4, – 1: My personal opinion would be to avoid this club as, looking back, it’s been the worst driver I’ve owned over the 12 months.

There are other clubs which are more workable if you prefer to shape the ball with a draw or a fade – but you want to hit fairway splitting drives straight down the middle then this club is for you. Helpline There’s also the glaring fact that when you pay this much for a driver, the grip should be much better. Tim February 4, – 3: The 13 degree I bought gets it a bit high and I’m sure loses a bit of distance.