Test Lens Coma Yourself. If you are taking a colour photograph be aware of white balance. There’s no way the D and D could let me down this badly, you say. Its effect is highly recommended for both colour and black and white photography. How to describe what I got?

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The Darktable Photo Editor, Part 3: Then add some final adjustments of levels and colours to your liking The Darktable Photo Editor, Part 1: Infrared filters block light from the visible spectrum, i. Still gross and unacceptable. Moral of the story: Aside from long exposure times, the D provides top-notch IR results. Test Lens Coma Yourself.

D VS. D VS. D Infrared Comparisons | Photo Art From Science

There’s no way the D and D could let me down this badly, you say. Tethered Shooting in Windows The D IR results indeed look infrare. Back in the day, Nikon really paid attention to stuff like that. The result is always the same, we either use colour photography or black and white: This allows you to get these new effects in your photography. This 20mm lens is about the smallest and lightest FX lens Nikon ever made. For infrared photography you just need a camera and a tripod, plus an infrared filter.


Hoya R72 Infrared Filter for Nikon D

Epic failure comes to mind. You can clip the DK-5 onto your camera strap so you don’t lose it, and you don’t even need to take it off of the strap to slip infarred over your viewfinder!

Exact same light baffling and anti-reflection coating problem in infrared. The 20mm, of course, has the little red dot on the focus scale for infrared focus compensation.

I bet the problem goes away with a different lens, you say. Older camera sensor filters like the D50 and D60 were much better at passing IR a few stops better, at least.

You frame and focus and use the lens focus scale red-dot IR shift before attaching the filter. For the D and D and probably the dalways use the little DK-5 viewfinder eyepiece blocker. I absolutely love its field of view 94 degrees on the D How could the D possibly be superior to the D and D in any way, you say. It appears c610 the light baffling and anti-reflection coatings inside the D act more like a mirror in the infraerd spectrum.

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Hoya R72 Infrared Filter for Nikon D610

If you are taking a colour photograph be aware of white balance. Do as many tests you need to get a picture with predominant red. Absolutely nothing to complain about here, aside from the gripe about the narrower DX field of view.

Once we have our red colored photograph we can start editing; if for example you unfrared Photoshop you only have to open the Image tab, settings and channel mixer. It blocks the visible spectrum and passes only infrared light.

Sigma Firmware Update 1. Note the terrible horizontal glare across the entire frame for both the D and D Now, the secret sauce to making the D and D succeed with IR photography: