Orders 1 – delete, 0 – leave 4 th item: Obtaining information about taxes of running sale in PC-Online mode 4. Presentation of used types. The second way how to set national version and do not use command line parameter is installing only one language pack. ECR number 1 — 99 7 th digit: If second digit is set to value 4 the bar-code will be printed only if the bar-code for particular PLU was entered. View Reviews and Comments.

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Data description for sale and 20000t for Euro Read receipts PC journal 3. Byte s Meaning type PC journal size in bytes long text journal size in lines long.

Communication port range depends on ECR type. Meaning of numbers is:. Byte s Short description type line text line to print on ECR string. Read bills text journal 3. VAT level assignment 2 nd digit: Make first Hourly report daily. Between online commands alha be wait time.

New Drivers  DV W28S R DRIVER

Note This conversion tables describe all supported transformations for all national versions. Launching the application 1.

Cashier sales report 4. Sale is not possible. Secondary currency exchange rate 3. Table of Contents 1. Only cashiers names can be programmed through computer. Extended 200t for cash registers with 18 digit bar-code 4. Clearing journals in ECR memory.

Euro-2000 Alpha Cash Register

No money is charged to the person receiving the software, beyond reasonable cost of packaging and other overhead. Single receipt structure for EuroTE.

Definition of string characters default EN version. There is not possible to code sign in bar-code.

Each line is separated by “LineSeparator” and each item by “ItemSeparator”. Read hourly report 4. Next image Previous image. Taxes are specific for each country. Update sale data also when updating hand out receipt.

EuroM/T/TE Alpha | ELCOM Rejestry kasowe

Presentation of used types 3. PLU number for total price coding to bar code — 3 rd line: Data description for sale and refund. PLU structures and commands 3. It can be the PC journal in most cases is means this one or Text journal. In text mode it is possible to use auto-detection of input file length and entering start and length parameters is not necessary but they have higher priority than auto-detection parameters, if are given in command line. Note Bytes 0 to 7 are not used.


Print mode of bar code: