It looks very nice on the SP5M as the round buttons each feature a round illuminated border. I think that it was re-introduced as a more familiar choice for Motorola and Sony Ericsson users. The audio problem is odd given the phones slant towards music playback, I await i-mates comments. Alongside the standard applications that come with Windows Mobile 5, i-mate includes support for Java, a file manager, a utility that clears the internal storage and an application called Pictures and Video that supports image cropping and rotation, beaming to other devices and a slideshow feature. The SP3’s had a flimsy battery cover that allowed for a little movement giving a ‘creak-creak’ when squeezed – a little tip for all you SP3x owners; put a little white-tack blue-tack in Europe on the back of the battery; your SPx will feel like a million dollars! Above these sits a button that on a short press takes you to a controller for various communications features, and on a long press launches the built-in voice recorder program. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme 8.

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No recommendations yet Would you recommend this item? When I want Wi-Fi, I’ll go and find it thanks. Above these sits a button that on j-mate short press takes you to a controller for various i-mqte features, and on a long press launches the built-in voice recorder program. We got 8 hours 1 minute of battery life in total, with music playing right to the end. In the SP3 the Photo ID application was a bundled third-party application that whilst functional never felt part of the picture no pun intended.

It’s very clearly a worthy evolution of the breed.

i-mate SP5 – Full phone specifications

It’s faster, smarter and more connected. Like other Windows Mobile smartphones it’s small enough to carry comfortably, while the side button for activating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is very handy. That said, it’s better than many of Motorola’s current cameras, but much worse than Nokia and LG’s recent offerings.


But, with its issues it is still such a Swiss Army Knife of phones that I’m prepared to rough it. The version of Active-Sync that ships with Widows I-kate 5 devices is now 4.

I have experienced one incident of the phone reporting a bad SIM that shut down the radio and a spm5 of times the phone has taken its time to recover a signal after going through a weak spot.

Orders Replacement Requests Wish list Track my order s. The SP5 is supplied with a USB cable for wired synchronisation, a stereo headset, a mains power adapter, a belt-clip-style protective case, the standard ActiveSync software CD and two printed manuals — one detailed spm one a quick-start guide. Sound quality is good, plenty of dynamic range and good clarity. Selfie Stick for i-mate SP5m.

I’ll be interested to see if they produce a SmartPhone version of the Skype application. The phone now runs Windows Mobile 5, this is based upon Windows CE 5 and calls for a different memory model that before. A really good phone, great screen, fast access to your corporate info.

It’s dressed in a combination of Black and Silver and features extra buttons for ‘Mail’ and ‘Contact’. For those who are familiar with SmartPhone and with Windows 95 and i-matee, the Start Menu was a great idea; press start and up comes a list of all of your programs and useful places to go. Below the screen are the Windows required soft-keys with hard ‘Home’ and ‘Back’ buttons. Such are the vagaries of cellular reception that I’ll assume these to be i-mats in a ROM update as sp5j have been before.


The mini-USB cable connector for synchronisation and charging is on the bottom edge, along with a 2.

In Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the phones are available from carriers and retailers. Read emails on your phone, reply and forward; great stuff. My Profile Log I-mae. With access to them every minute we happen to drop them accidentally or get scratches by the regular uses. A gimmick only I’m afraid.

Under this row is a bank of four keys, two on either side of a small joypad-like navigation controller. There is a switch-on thump when the audio electronics are activated and deactivate but one thing that did show up was a balance problem; the right-hand channel is clearly louder than the left resulting in a shift in balance that is especially evident on vocal tracks.

In the absence of a bundled VoIP client, we tried Web browsing over Wi-Fi, and it has to be said that the SP5’s screen, while offering the maximum resolution currently i-maate on a Windows Mobile smartphone by pixelsis really too small for Web browsing.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: It’s a quad band world phone and will work anywhere GSM service is available.

i-mate SP5

Most notable among these for smartphones is support for Wi-Fi. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. Unfortunately, the slot is housed beneath the battery, so to swap cards means powering down the handset and Windows Mobile smartphones are notoriously slow to reboot.