Change language setting is only available for software versions that support multiple languages. The Dynamic Scale is the ratio of a moving object s size compared to the whole image size. Remote Talk button Click this button to begin a remote talk session. D1 mode can support the exact amount of IP cameras equivalent to your TV-out ports. Select the PTZ camera name. Enter the subject here. A message box will appear asking you if you would like to save.

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If this optional setting is disabled, even if you add in IP cameras to the TV-out, they will not show up on the screen.

All of the information disappears. Capture a still picture while in play back mode by pressing this button. See examples of this function on the following 2 pages. Clicking Delay will tell the system to extend the alarm alert short time e.

C921 Edition 9.2 Issued on September PC-DVR User Manual. 1/5 IP-CCTV Solution Manuals

Your message must contain at least 20 symbols. Set audio file path to play sound warning when video is lost.

Central Monitoring System Software 1. If your DVR system supports dual monitor mode, the playback interface will display on the first monitor, while the preview camera will be forced to show on the second monitor.


Selecting disable will disable the camera from functioning. Click Yes if you would like to save your changes; No to discard any changes you may have made. Motion Detect Alarm Link Select a description for the alarm out port number. Click the Check button to display the target file size in the Backup Data Size box.

Right click Desktop 2, and from the popup menu select Stretch Desktop 1 horizontally onto monitor. Click this button to rename a field. Select the camera to search and clip 3. Select the COM port used for the alarm control device.

That means that the higher priority rule will be executed. Select device work mode. Input the recipient s cell phone number s. For example, if you set this to 7 days, once the 7 days are up ildr will delete the first archiving day to make room for new video data to be saved. No connection status indicator.

These cameras respond to groups of sensors to perform Sensor Ildvf according 3000n4c8 the schedule of this group. All of the following 6 steps are saved in this port video out 01 until you change to operate a different port. Connecting status indicator blue color: The DVR System stops responding to the group of sensors at this time To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.


Payment of video occupation of 8 ILDVR-3000H4C/8 channels

The DVR system begins to record with it either detects a moving object or one of the sensors has been triggered. Zoom in on the video. If jldvr DVR system supports dual monitor mode, the playback camera will display on the first monitor, while the preview camera will be forced to show on the second monitor.

Turn off the PC s power and unplug the power cable. If everything is configured correctly, the DVR system will pop up a dialog 3000y4c8 with codes or letters.

H4C+ Series | ILDVR

Select the cameras that associate with the above selected device. It has an embedded. Software Manual Contents 1 Software Installation Alarm in Trigger Record -: The next two steps are saved in sub-window1 until you change to operate another sub-window.