One of the biggest pros for me is the style of the controller. Two extra programmable buttons doesn’t seem like much I suppose, but I hate that I had to change my play style in games to fit this controller instead of the other way around. The analog sticks feel smooth and buttons respond nicely, though the D-pad does feel cheap and clicky. I’d recommend this controller to anyone looking for a good “XBox style” controller for the PC. For people who have both controllers, which one do you think is better? Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. I guess that don’t matter to some people.

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So that means that even when someone bought a Chillstream just for their PC Logitech Chillstream Essentially it is an imitation pad for the PC that has a fan built inside to keep your hands cool.

I also imagine that if in the future an agreement were reached, then a firmware update on the xbox could probably make the Chillstream compatible after-the-fact. Works coontroller, gives all the controls that one would find on a console controller. It does a magnificent job keeping my hands cool even during intense gaming sessions which prevents the controller from slipping and provides for precision gaming.

Fan does help cool the hands. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

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You should see several lights illuminate on the face of the Chillstream. Even on the Logitech website, it mentions nothing about Xbox compatibility. This controller is comfortable to hold for extended hours of game play.


It’s a shame really. Also the ‘precision tester’ did not work when I tested it, and I know logitehc DXTweak does not work with all games either. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Aaron89 Follow Forum Posts: Warning Information in this article applies to Microsoft Windows 7.

USB cable instead of wireless. Verify that the built-in fans work by cycling through the settings on, off, intermittent using the button below the left thumbstick. Has anyone got this pad and can try it out? If the controller needs some special chip inside it, then I guess that could be the problem.

The build quality is solid and feels nicer than most cheap controllers out there. Strange though, it has the guide button and everything Rob, maybe u can 306 such thing in PGP?

I suggest you read a few reviews on it and the controller and then go the direction the wind is blowing. Compare with similar items. It works great with any new or reasonably new game that supports gamepads. I personaly think this controller looks to thick for me but you cant judge lovitech controller just by looking at one.


The size is a tad smaller than an XBox controller, and as an XBox owner, Pogitech could feel the difference, but it wasn’t enough to cause any problems – just noticeable. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Item is in your Cart.

How to Install a Logitech Chillstream Gamepad

This means that modifying that would be extremely complicated in Pinnacle, just have a look at this post I made explaining the problems that “fake cornering” would cause Please Log In to post. As far as the layout and ergonomics, I don’t have particularly large hands, and this thing feels pretty comfortable to hold for long periods.

Several times I’ve noticed the fan was on for the controller after who knows how long wasn’t loud enough for me to notice right away. Rumblepad ministicks was designed for square “holes” in case of gamepad, but here they used circle “holes” in case that r limiting diagonal movements.

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