If so, did you uninstall it? What version is it? A clean install might fix it. Wed Oct 27, 9: Logitech Setpoint Slowdown – Alternatives? I’d dump it in a second to favor the WinStep if I could still have full or even close to full mouse functionality.

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The Crew online racing game gets delayed until Dec 2. I love my Razer Naga, for instance – it glows blue in the dark, and their software doesn’t interfere with 3rd party software.

I use X-Mouse Button Control located here: So, I guess I can live with Setpoint if there’s no alternative, but I was hoping there was an alternative. Razor Storm 3 6 I agree about needing an alternative.

Are there any alternatives to Logitech Setpoint? | guru3D Forums

Well thanks, it was worth a shot anyway. Is it with all version of the software?

This replaces and conflicts with SetPoint. Download Alternatives to Memory Optimizer. If I remember right the default WinXP drivers strip it down completely. No I don’t think so.


Log in or Sign up. Try the wonderful and free X-Mouse Button Control: I got a Razer Lachesis myself. It has per-application settings, as well as layers, which can redefine all the buttons when it sees an associated hot-key pressed. If anybody knows of any other software I could try, I’d appreciate it. These things don’t last forever loitech. Any good alternatives to Logitech Setpoint?

I was hoping someone might have done some alternative drivers, like the Omega video drivers.

Logitech SetPoint Alternatives?

Everybody wants their useless process to run at start-up. Using Logitech SetPoint, you can assign a different function to each one of these, thereby speeding up your regular computer routine.

GM ACFeb 16, That’s my stomachit’s lunch time! And another few megs for the utility that switches my sound card from analog stereo to setpint 5.

Winstep Forums • View topic – Any good alternatives to Logitech Setpoint?

A clean install might fix it. I love the mouse, but I hate the Setpoint software that comes with it.


Yes, my password is: Google TV — a fail this fall? Yes, logotech password is: Is this a good alternative for Logitech SetPoint? Logitech no longer manufactures this mouse and is replacing it with someone that doesnt have a thumb scroll wheel nor a super scroll feature.

The problem is that by having two mice, setpoint randomly forgets its settings once in a while I’m assuming due to getting confused why theres two input devicesand I constantly have to estpoint setpoint every few minutes to get it to rerecognize that the. You need setpoint to use and adjust the sensitivity, try uberinstall 3. Mar 11, Posts: