The error message I still get is that my cricut is frozen and to try the following: If it does, could you be kind and tell me how to do it? It appears that they started sueing all the makers of this software, so now none of them work with the Cricuts any Longer. I thought I saved what I needed from my old program, but I obviously was wrong. Is there anyway that I can get a copy from you?

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Said that the cricuit is in a diferent Firmware Version and asked me to Update….

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Reminds me of when Crictu was learning Photoshop and that took me 3 years and I still only know a hair more than basic. It was a gift from a friend to me a couple years ago and I just found cficut I could update it and it wont work. Has anyone been able to find MTC v4. Linda, I have the old version that I purchased before the law suit. I have the 4. This is accepted because Cricut Criccut 2 uses diferent firmware numbering. Had someone work on my computer and they erased the MIC program.


There are certain features that can make one program preferable over the other, depending on what you need at the time. SCAL has both PC and Mac versions, option to work in metric, frequent updates, and works with over 30 models of cutters, staying up to date with the latest cutters. Search torrent and you will good to go below is the link for google search https: If cricit find out any of these answers, I would love to hear the outcome.

Versions downloaded after March, do not support Cricut machine compatibility. I am criuct at this. If not I might have to return it and invest in another machine. Shannon June 23, at 2: I can cut images, fonts, mtc and svg files on my Cricut Expression firmware 2.

How to Connect Your Cricut to the Make the Cut Software

Thank you so much for this information. Both programs can import a wide range of file formats. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hope you can help, many thanks. Has anyone had success with this?

New Drivers  DATAMAX DMX-1-4208 DRIVER

Thank you to everyone who contributed here! I am reluctant to upgrade the firmware to 2. Can the latest version of MTC crocut used 4. Thinking of purchasing the big shot pro.

My concern is that I have not been able to successfully cricutt a high enough quality pixel trace into SCAL. I just got a used Cricut Personal, v 1. We tried last night. And tried to cut again…. I immediately started cutting sign vinyl for 19 volleyball players names to hang in the local high school gym.

SCAL offers an opacity setting as well as stroke color, thickness, and shape. Hi there…did you ever figure out how?

It seems all the makers have done to make the software incompatible is remove the Cricut driver mtd from the application. Has anyone gotten it to work with the Cricut Expression 2 yet? When I launched v.