Reviewed by Ross from Livingston on 12th Feb Quite simply the worst phone i have ever had the misfortune to own. The model resembles Samsung E much, there is something in common in the models, it may be a blue color of the body or its smooth edges. Nice 2 c so many people with good reviews on this and my phone. The phone lags behind your key presses sometimes by several seconds. It’s just a shame that the next Sharp phone is so ugly, otherwise I would be sticking with them!

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The only time this doesnt happen curiously is shzrp using predictive txt non predictive is as slow as everything elseand thank god or I would have thrown it through a window.

Sharp GX25/GZ200

Reviewed by carly from UK on 8th Aug i had this phone about 3 years ago, i now own a samsung u, a very new phone. Reviewed by emma from UK on 2nd Nov I had this phone for a year a couple of years ago and really liked it. There is an integrated picture editor that allows editing taken photos, adding frames and icons to them.

Reviewed by ANON from england on gx2 Mar i have had this phone for almost 2 years now i think its really good lots of phones that my firneds have had have packed up after a couple of months but mine has never ever stopped working. Video is recorded with a frequency of up to 10 frames in a maximum quality, that’s little the resolution is x96 pixels.


Review GSM phone Sharp GX25

The mobile internet access is good if a little slow but it’s still going strong and the battery life sjarp sill quite long. Ive never got the bluetooth to work as the handset demands a code to connect to anything, vodafone have been no help in locating this code so I gave up.

It’s very easy to use, the menues are colourful and simple, the camera is great, and I would never go back to those caveman phones without bluetooth. Lack sharl memory is annoying though, it wouldnt even save a ringtone.

The video is not good because you cant see a thing and its short and g2x5. Two types of file compression are supported, they are Normal, Fine. Optional accessories gx225 differ depending on the region. For the price it was worth it. It’s going to be hard topping this phone I can tell you that much!!

In general we may say Sharp has released an interesting model again and one should have a look at it. And of all the mobiles I’ve had this was definitely my favourite.

The screen is capable to display about 8 text lines, two service headers and lines with icons. It has got fast connection with bluetooth and infrared but the memory is way too small to hold anything. The melody composer allows creating 8, 16 or tone melodies. Reviewed by Annie G25 Scotland! It’s got one of the best screens in its class withcolours and extremely high resolution QVGA.

The peculiarity of the lists is cased by the fact that all equal calls are not summed up, but recorded separately. A theme may be assigned to every note as well as start and end time, that’s possible to set a sound signal for an event.


Overall I am more than happy with it. Yet still needs more memory.

The price will be about USD that looks quite sensible. And the Memory is poor too! The work with messages is simple and plain, you can create several slides with various objects.

Reviewed by andy from UK on 23rd Oct had this phone for 2 years but it lacks memory space, he camera is decent but only polyphonic ringtunes lets it down best feature is that has both bluetooth and infrared Rating: Reviewed by dani xxx from UK on 17th Nov dis is a really good phone over all.

Sharp GX25 review | S21

Glad to have upgraded. There’s nothing else that’s particularly wrong with the phone, and in fact the camera isn’t worse than average, it’s just: Camera is bad but shrp would you expect. The phone has text templates, which can be used in various messages.

Reviewed by micky from uk on 10th Mar i had this phone 4 about 1 year i think the key pad is 2 hard 2 useand the memory is so small. The only reasons I now want to upgrade are syarp rubbish camera and memory.