A great UI like this makes for an intuitive and satisfying experience. The guys at Viliv are probably scratching their heads on the extended battery issue as to introduce any kind of alternative 6 cell or other could well, through size, impact on usability of the car mount. Thanks for taking the time to reply and especially as my comments were not too glowing. I was going to desolder the pcie socket and the 2 brass support posts to make room for the new disk this evening, but I have managed to break the tiny molex connector from the battery clip to the motherboard AND snap the little zif clip on my new 80 GB 1. There is a 4. Time to break out an XP setup disk or Partition Magic and delete that.

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A dive into the range of processors and features from Intel. I do not ask for concurrent data and voice streaming, a simple switch from one to another would suffice!

Viliv X70 EX Premium 3G

Is it the same proceedure to install as you have dissected the X70? So if you can find it before I do please let me know so that I can also get benefit of it.


My email ID is — cadnanr1 yahoo. Why did they not write this some days earlier.

Viliv X70 EX

Here are the full specifications:. One immediate thought on the X This machine uses a Marvell sd More details on the different specifications are available here. I was quite impressed in fact. I did finally get the Viliv update tool to download the Touch app update for 6Mb Kb a second, which is really really slow, Amiga modem slow. Has an Office 60 day trial, and a few oddly named viliv apps, the usual stuff, music player, settings, GPS control, shortcuts to websites.

So I thought I may as well make it 3G while its open, do you know what modem I need to do this? Acer Aspire E11 ES1.

Viliv X70 EX Premium 3G US 7″ Mobile X70EX PRE 3G US B&H

Just make sure to turn of the auto vilv feature in case you decide to use the RC version. I have vipiv decide in the next day or two. And how much is this going to cost? Handwriting, annotations and more, with ease. Basically its just a pretty shortcut front end, you could do something similar with a grouped icon list and use iconid to hide thembut its a bit more stylish. Solar Computing with the X How long before the warranty gets voided I wonder?


The charged the money 3 weeks ago and dont deliver!!!

The locking tab on the car adapter is either out of place, missing something obvious or its just simply terrible, even swinging the unit from left to right disengages. Powered by RetailConnection SA. Thanks for your feedback. Still thinking about what I want to do.

Viliv X70 EX UMPC Full Review with Videos

Since I updated the touch screen software apparently there are two instances running, so two icons xx70 the coral. Microsoft and Apple both have the merits and their downfalls in equal proportions. How big was the D: I wonder if GMABooster will work?

I was planning on getting ClearTouch glare reduction film for it. Itunes has proven, time and time again, to be a pain in the arse on UMPCs so I rarely give it much time now.

Acer Aspire Switch Sure, they make a lot of interest with all the lot! It features haptic feedback, which provides physical confirmation of a button press via vibration to help you type more accurately.