Text is fuzzy enough that it looks grey. Let the whinging commence! I’m not ordering the world to share my opinions about display devices. Your mileage may vary. And CRTs can have things on top of them, so some of the desk space they occupy can still be used. It, essentially, tells the consumer to get knotted, as far as dead pixels go:.

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Samsung 172T LCD Monitor

As this inch monitor has an excellent x resolution, you can open more documents at the same time without getting a bigger monitor. A “17 inch” CRT will probably only have about a 16 inch viewable diagonal, because some of the tube is covered by the plastic surround. It’s not likely to greatly affect movie viewing, either; bright scenes will never blur, and the fastest frame rate you’re going to get out of any normal video clip or DVD is only 30 frames per second.

As mentioned above, that means it’ll go dark-bright-dark. The x native resolution and 0. Just to be annoying, the T adapter delivers fourteen volts DC.

Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages. Many LCD screens these days, especially higher-priced by ones, are completely pristine.

Samsung SyncMaster 172 T 17″ LCD Monitor

And Samsung’s Australian dud-pixel return policy is outstanding; you don’t even have to pay for shipping. You thought dead subpixels were “bad quality”, but you were wrong! No problem, though – 75fps is more than fast enough for practically all purposes, including action games. For information on how we collect and use your details, please refer to our Privacy policy.


Samsung SyncMaster T 17″ LCD Monitor | eBay

But Syncmastdr can’t summon up a lot of enthusiasm for sharpness in and of itself. This technology doesn’t seem to have made it syncjaster the T, though. Samsung’s Hong Kong site seems to have the best page for the T; the US page seems much the same, but the Australian one ‘s rather sparse.

A by LCD has one and two thirds as many pixels as a by one, and there’s a proportionally higher chance that a given panel will have a given number of defects. Then I did the same thing with the brightness set to zero. The desktop stand can be easily removed in order to hang the VESA compatible monitor from an optional wall mount.

LCDs don’t flicker, no matter how low the refresh rate of the incoming signal is. The T doesn’t give you a vast 1172t of display area, for the money. No results for Manuals ” “.

It’s intuitive to refer to subpixels as being “on” synmcaster they’re glowing red, green or blue according to their typeand as being “off” when they’re black. Manufacturers can and do refuse to accept panels that exceed a certain defect level. And in practice, anyone can make sure they get a pristine panel, even if your local monitor maker’s subsidiary isn’t as nice about it as Samsung is 172g in Australia. Specs Samsung’s Hong Kong site seems to have the best page for the T; the US page seems much the same, but the Australian one ‘s rather sparse.


Delivery elsewhere in the country costs more, but probably not nearly as much more as it would if you were buying syncmzster CRT monitor. You might be wondering how many bad pixels LCD manufacturers reckon are acceptable, these days.

Compact and light display: SyncMaster T – PC World Australia

If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money. Skip to main content. If your local importer is pinching pennies, then you might get a Syncmatser with only one video lead, for instance. I can see the jaggy edges of small un-antialiased screen fonts just fine syyncmaster my cheap syncjaster inch CRT in by mode. Zero, by the way, is the brightness setting I used on the T most of the time. That’s closer to square than the 4: This stuck-on subpixel is completely invisible against a bright red, orange, yellow, magenta or white background, and close to invisible against darker shades of those colours.

The high precision T offers a full 17″ viewable display designed to meet any user’s needs with ease.

Robin Morris PC World.